Our Purpose

To provide mentorship, self-regulation, professional development, business support, and industry advocacy for its membership nationally.

Our Mission

To unify the Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetic Laser industry setting a standard of service excellence.

Our Vision

Providing leadership, Advocacy, Networking, and Professional Development.

Medical Aesthetics & Laser Technology Council of Canada

Serving You in an Ethical & Professional Manner

Our team at the Medical Aesthetics & Laser Technology Council of Canada (MALT) is dedicated to elevating, advocating, mentoring and developing professionals in the medical aesthetics and laser technology industry. Through active networking, we attract, retain, and develop our members to be the standard bearers for the entire industry. It is our feeling at MALT that the best way for our members to succeed and improve within our industry is to be interactive with other professionals and research institutions in order to share best practices and recent innovations. Through different training, courses, certifications, and networking events we provide all of our members many opportunities to expand their horizons and further their career development. If you're in the medical aesthetics field looking for a professional network that will make a huge difference in your career, call us at (844) 717-6285 today to get started on your path to career development.

How can the MALT team help you?

Developing & Supporting Professionals

Whether you're just breaking into our fast paced industry or have been a titan in the medical aesthetics & laser community for years our team has all the tools at our disposal to help enhance your career. Annual conventions, webinars, professional designations, business discounts, and even legal services are just a few of the benefits to membership with MALT. Furthermore, our team is dedicated to making sure that each of our members are honored for their unique characteristics and supported in an ethical and professional manner. We are here to make your professional trajectory continue upward and onward as smoothly as possible.

If you're interested in joining or learning more about the Medical Aesthetics & Laser Technology Council of Canada call us today at
(844) 717-6285 to begin your professional development journey on a strong note.

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What Sets Us Apart?

We are committed to the elevation, advocacy, mentorship and professional development of the medical aesthetics and laser technology industry within Canada. Providing continued education, annual conventions, membership benefits and discounts, networking, and monitoring of our industry and it's growing needs. Working within in our industry on a national and international level in collaborating with specialists from various related industries to enhance our knowledge, technology and skill base.